Photo Booth Hire Geelong

The city of Geelong is well known for its adventure park and wool museum, but also having awesome parties in Geelong is another thing!

These days, everyone’s having parties right? With so much fun to do in the area, what;s the next best feature to have at home? A photo booth hire Geelong, of course!

It’s true – you could just hire a plain old boring photographer if you’re having a party or wedding in Geelong. But why not spice it up with some fun props, amazing attendant and keep sake photo strips for your special day!

Opting for a photo booth hire Geelong is not only the more fun choice – however your going to be spending a lot less an having the keep sake images you’ve always wanted !

Types Of Booths

Hiring a photo booth in Geelong is a perfect addition to your party & to get photos of the event. It’s also a extremely good source of entertainment for any person organising any event in Geelong or surrounding areas.

We have a few different options and styles when it comes to hiring your photo booth!

An enclosed photo booth, up to six people can be photographed at a time. Why not get down and dirty with the closed curtains!

For the open style photo booth there is no limit to the number of persons who are photographed, however these people should remain in the photo range of the camera.

A total area of 3 meters X 3 meters is required to set up the photo booth.

How Much Is It To Hire a Photo Booth In Geelong?

The photo booth hire charges depend to a large extent on the duration for which the photo booth will be hired.

The booth can be hired for a period which varies from two hours to six hours and the charges range from $399 to $699.

A deposit of $200 has to be paid for hiring the photo booth and the balance amount is to be paid a week before the event at which the booth is required.

Whether your hiring a photo booth in Melbourne, Werribee, or the Mornington Peninsula we can do it all!


photo booth

Themed Backdrop & Awesome Props

Many events especially parties have a theme, and the event organisers would like the background of the photos taken in the photo booth to have a similar background.

We have the perfect selection to match any upcoming party you may have! Engagement parties or Weddings – we have the perfect booth for any occasion!

The photos may also be customised based on the event theme to make it more memorable. A prop box is provided along with the booth, which includes various props like hats, caps, sticks, cartoon characters

Unlimited sessions

Another major advantage of hiring a photo booth is that there are no limits on the number of photos which can be taken for the duration for which the booth is hired.

Typically the booth is hired for a period of 3 or 4 hours by the event organisers and those participated in the event can take any number of photographs without any constraint at all, and also get prints of the photos.

Hence hiring a photo booth is often far more inexpensive compared to hiring a photographer, since the cost of printing the photographs is also included in the photo booth rental.

Customer support

Our Werribee photo booth hire works closely with you to ensure that they have the best possible experience. The photobooth can be decorated according to the theme of the event. The booth rental firm will customise the background used and the props based on the requirement of their customer.

We will have an attendant to help the participants at the event in using the photo booth. Many of those who are using a photo booth for the first time, may not be familiar with how the photo booth functions, the settings which have to be used for getting quality photos. He will also resolve any other problem faced quickly to ensure optimal usage of the photo booth