How will my photos be printed?
All photos will be printed using state-of-the-art thermal dye sublimation printers, and a Canon Digital SLR camera, as used by photo processing companies around the world. These ensure all photos are of high resolution and delivered touch dry and waterproof in seconds.

Can you customise messages and made background changes to photo settings:
Yes.  Our software allows us to upload a personal message/ logo or any other message you wish to display.  We offer a total personalised service and will work with you to create the artwork right for you!

What sizes does the booth print?
The booth has the ability to print one 4×6 photo or two 2×6 photos.

Is it possible to choose between colour or black & white prints?
Yes. You can choose to print your images in either colour or black & white.

Does the booth have video message options?
Yes the booth has the ability to capture messages from your guests.  There is no restriction on the length of the message.

Do you provide staff with the booths?
Yes. There will always be a member of staff at every event, professionally presented and we also include a presentation table complimentary for Props and souvenirs.

Will we get a copy of the pictures too?
Yes. After your event we will provide you with a CD including high-res versions of all the images taken using the photobooth, photos are no copyright.  Disc will also include Video recordings

Will our guests be able to view all of the photos?
Yes. Following your event we will create a password protected gallery that your guests can access to view all of the pictures taken at the event.

Is there a charge for travel expenses?
Our prices are inclusive of travel to all areas in Melbourne METRO areas.  A small fee may apply for Regional Victoria but this will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry.  If we can avoid charging travel, we will!

How long do the booths take to set up?
Our typical setup time ranges between 30 and 45 minutes, so we will make sure we arrive at the venue prior to your start of your event. All time required for setup is included, there is no additional charge and time spent is not included as part of the booking duration.

  • Your initial enquiry will be warmly greeted by one of our Sales and Event Manager, who will confirm our availability – check  availability online
  • You can expect your Sales and Event Manager to ask many questions about the event and obtain as much information from you, to assist with package choices and planning;
  • An email confirming the points discussed will be sent within 24hours of the initial enquiry;
  • Upon receiving email and successful decision to proceed, you will need to complete the information requested in the email.
  • As soon as we have received the information an invoice will be emailed to you.  At this point your booking is tentative, as a 25% deposit is payable within 7days. The balance can be paid by EFT a week prior to the event or CASH on the day;
  • Upon receiving the deposit, we will issue you a receipt – YOUR BOOKING IS NOW CONFIRMED
  • 1-2 weeks prior to your event you can expect to deal with us on a daily  basis until we have the artwork exactly the way you want it. At this time, we will also contact the venue to discuss logistics and set up.  For our customers who opt for full booth branding, the process starts much earlier to allow for printing lead times.