Create Unique Print Strips

Customise your design!

Simply just tell us what sort of a print-strip you would like, then we’ll make it for you! Personalise your own unique print strips depending on the occasion.

Talk to us. Show us your design. We’ll create a magical moment for you and your guests every time they step on the photo booth. Every print strip is unique for every client and for every event. Our designers have created the print strips based on how the client wants it.

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Infinite Prints For Everyone

The fun never stops!

One print is not enough. Two prints is not too much. Here at Photobooth Co. Melbourne everyone can enjoy infinite trips to the photo booth and take as many photos as they want. We will not worry about running out of ink or photo papers.

Your happiness and the memories that you place on those photos are enough to motivate us to serve you in your joyous occasions.

The Best Props To Choose From!

Something for everyone!

Be creative with our unlimited choices of props. Select from wide range of personalized costumes all of which were created by our team.

Put up slogans or be any character you want.

Your imagination in your limit to how cool and fun you will look in all your photos.

Upload your booth pictures

Share your model shots with your friends!

You can show off your photo booth print strips in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram during or after the occasion.  Just ask our coolest photo booth staff and they will give you your photos so you can upload them in your social media page any time.

We at Melbourne Photo Booth, will give you every photo that you need because your happiness is our ultimate priority. We have a variety of photo booth deals for any event!

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Photo Booth For Birthdays

Watch your friends do wacky and crazy poses in front of the camera during your birthday. Let them take unlimited print strips of their craziness.  Let us entertain your guests with our photo booth while you are busy with your birthday party. They might even forget that they came here for your birthday. That’s how fun our photo booths are.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire

It’s the most memorable day of your life, why not add our wedding photo booth hire?.  The day where you swear to the world that you will love each other till death do they part. Hire our photo booth wedding package and let your guests play with the cameras to produce fun and wacky photos.  Let them show their crazy side as they play with our wedding themed costumes and placards. We will also give the Bride and Groom a chance to view all the photos that were taken in the photo booth by giving them a memory stick containing all the photos taken during the whole event.

Who We Have Worked With

Photobooth Hire Melbourne has brought joy throughout the city since its conception. We have been to weddings and parties, bringing joy and allowing guests to bring out their craziness each time they step in the photo booth. Boasting our skills in creating personalized print strips for every occasion, every event we have covered was met with tons of positive feedbacks.

Melbourne Photo Booth Pricing

2 Hour Package


  • Set Up & Pack Down
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photo Booth Attendant
  • Box Full of Props
  • Customised Photo Strips

3 Hour Package


  • Set Up & Pack Down
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photo Booth Attendant
  • Box Full of Props
  • Customised Photo Strips



  • Set Up & Pack Down
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photo Booth Attendant
  • Box Full of Props
  • Customised Photo Strips

Photo Booth Hire Packages

Book with us now and receive great photo booth packages the will suit just right for your event. We guarantee no hidden charges and added cost on all our photo booth packages. When we speak about packages, we also include our open photo booth & enclosed photo booth hire! Highly trained attendants will be there to process and print your customized print strips. We will also give you a memory stick containing all the photos taken during the time that you hired us.  We also provide special quotations for all of your personalised print strips and props!

We’re with you in every step

Collaborating with our clients is one of our biggest passions! Birthday ? Wedding? We treat it all the same in our Melbourne photo booth hire booking process. Give us a call and we will set up a meeting so you and the team can talk on how you want you photo booth be like at your special day!

Present your ideas to the graphics team and watch them go to work as they transform your thought into images, we have some of the best templates in Melbourne! Choose from an assortment of props from our boxes, or suggest your own designs for props and placards and we will create them for you.

School Formal Photo Booth

Mark the last days of school with great shots from our photo booths. Place them outside the venue of the graduation ceremony and watch the line get longer and longer as the graduates queue up to take pictures with friends that they will miss. We have all the props and backdrops for graduation themed print strips. Let their graduation be a day filled with fun and wacky memories.


We will sit down with you and brainstorm all the ideas that will come to mind. With the help of our fun and super imaginative team, we will create a theme which is perfect for your occasion. Do not worry if you have run out of ideas to use for our personalized photo booth, which is why we are here. We will help you decide which final concept you want to use in your photo booth and you will be surprised by the results.


Our graphic artist will transform your words into images and patterns. From the drawing board to the final template, our team will strive hard to deliver you the best look for your personalized photo booth.


Hands on crafting of props and placards. Placing the template on the software. Our team will complete the personalized package just in time for your event.


Our goal is to provide every client a satisfying and quality work. Every personalized photo booth needs to be perfect for every client. Our testing facilities are top notch to ensure that the photo booth we deliver will perform satisfactorily in every single click of the camera.

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What our clients are saying

To be able to bring joy and happiness to our clients are our number one priority. From helping them bring out their creative side by personalizing their own photo booth to finally delivering and bringing out the wacky and crazy side of every guest. We are humbled from all the great feedback we received from our most recent customers.

“The Photobooth Co. Melbourne team is the best. They were with me all throughout the creation process of my photo booth. It made my birthday a lot more fun. 5 stars for sure!”

“At first I thought nobody went to our wedding reception, only to see them line up at the photo booth. When I saw the photos that were given to us, what I saw was pure happiness and craziness from all our guests. Thank you The Photobooth Co. Melbourne”

“We hired the best photo booth service in Australia. Friendly and extremely funny staff. Really cute print strips. Unlimited props. We asked them for extra time and they gave us an additional hour for free. This is truly a great memory for my daughter’s birthday party. Photobooth Co. Melbourne is the best.”

“The Photobooth Co. Melbourne brought out the artist is me. They helped me create the best photo booth for my birthday. My friends were all crazy about the cute print strips and the wacky costumes. Their staff was super funny and friendly and they gave me all the pictures taken during the event.”